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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Project Two _ Living Wall

It's Wednesday afternoon. We are in production mode.

Last Thursday, we presented a heat bent acrylic wall with holes cut out allowing for fraction-of-sphere planters to sit inside. Many groups had the similar theme of green house like things, and Max seemed puzzled by this, questioning the motivation.
Rather than drastically changing the project, our group "The Spittle Bugs," has decided to change our approach to a similar design.

We are still designing a living wall, but now it has a specific site and responds to specific needs generated by that site.

small preview of what's to come:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project One_Spheres - photos

Just some images...

Project One _ Spheres - reflections

Our final design for week one consisted of eight spheres that could fold into one another to only take up four spheres' worth of space (thus packing them optimally). The spheres then could roll out when in use and hold something. Although it is unclear what that something could be, this model could be thought of at very different scales. Perhaps they could store plant seeds and disperse them. Perhaps.

As we move into week two, it will be important to take the design further away from the proverbial box and solve an important problem. What that is, I am not sure yet.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Project One_Spheres - construction

Project One_Spheres

-must be a surface
-must optimize the stacking of spheres
-must hold (something)

in our second brainstorming session, we focused on a need for the design to do more. knowing that this will eventually be given "smarts" and movement, we needed to start thinking about that.

this yielded two ideas: one would build on the original ideas and push the spheres into the container.
the second is a new idea. nine spheres will form a surface, optimizing the arranged spheres. each sphere will be made of panels - half of which will be able to move to allow the sphere to open up and store something(s).

our group of six decided to try both ideas by splitting into two groups of three. we will test both ideas and then come together to assess them. melany, josiah and i are working on the second idea (general concept credit shout out to melany).

it acts a bit like the precedent given to us of the spittle bug, who uses soap-like bubbles to house its eggs. our project does not use soap bubble technology, but the built spheres act like the bubbles. they protect what is being held in them (not necessarily eggs) and optimally pack into a tight volume.

Project One_Spheres

-must be a surface
-must optimize the stacking of spheres
-must hold (something)

after our first brainstorming session, we compiled our ideas and i rhino-modeled a few options

they are all based on an idea to have a box-like container, with holes cut out, hold spheres while minimizing space it takes up