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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Project One_Spheres

-must be a surface
-must optimize the stacking of spheres
-must hold (something)

in our second brainstorming session, we focused on a need for the design to do more. knowing that this will eventually be given "smarts" and movement, we needed to start thinking about that.

this yielded two ideas: one would build on the original ideas and push the spheres into the container.
the second is a new idea. nine spheres will form a surface, optimizing the arranged spheres. each sphere will be made of panels - half of which will be able to move to allow the sphere to open up and store something(s).

our group of six decided to try both ideas by splitting into two groups of three. we will test both ideas and then come together to assess them. melany, josiah and i are working on the second idea (general concept credit shout out to melany).

it acts a bit like the precedent given to us of the spittle bug, who uses soap-like bubbles to house its eggs. our project does not use soap bubble technology, but the built spheres act like the bubbles. they protect what is being held in them (not necessarily eggs) and optimally pack into a tight volume.

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